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Focus on moisture measurement
for 20 years

Jero Instrument was founded in 1997
Has always been committed to high-performance infrared moisture meter research
and development production and application, products are exported overseas

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Moisture monitoring and automatic control

Non contact, Continuous online
Safe, Stable, Fast, Accurate, Durable and Reliable

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Professional and timely service support

Autonomous design and manufactureNo need for intermediate links
It can provide design selection, site debugging and maintenance parts directly services

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        Based on the principle of water absorption of specific wavelength infrared ray, infrared moisture meter is very suitable for multi component materials with water selectivity continuous onlinenon-contact moisture measurement.Using infrared technology can fundamentally avoid the traditional moisture meter contact probe wear or radioactive source probe radiation, to ensure safety, stability, fast, accurate, long-lasting and reliable.

        Jero Instrument with foreign companies to cooperate design,to manufacture OMM3000 infrared moisture meter from 1997.In the past twenty years, it has been widely used in many fields such as metallurgy, building materials, paper making, tobacco, food, grain, feed and so on, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in water monitoring and automatic controlmaterials in all walks of lifes.On this basis, through continuous improvement and upgrading, formally launched a new generation of high performance OMM3001 moisture meter, we expect new products to better meet customer needs, solve the control difficulty, save production cost and improve product quality.


Jero Instrument such as new generation moisture meter OMM3001, with a new structure and performance

High performance infrared sensor

Photoelectric response speed increased by a hundred times
The temperature stability has been greatly improved

All digital signal processing

Eliminating interference by digital filtering
Black material can also maintain optimum signal-to-noise ratio

High-speed optical modulation

High-speed signal sampling
Suitable for measuring material moisture at high speed

Imported light source

Higher luminous efficiency
Mesnac technology to extend the life of the light source

Cast aluminium probe

Small, light, easy to install
The performance of heat dissipation and sealing is greatly enhanced

Convenient and safe

Air cooling can work at 80 centigrade high temperature
Screw up air plug


Our light, machine and electrical research and development team has continued to explore and develop infrared online analyzer, and has been involved in the field of motion control since 2014, . It has set up a technical platform for intelligent sampling manipulator for special applications. (see the 2014 Beijing Multi National Instruments Exhibition video.)

research and development

Autonomous Manufacturing

High performance
price ratio

24 hours
service response


Our service team provides comprehensive and timely services and support, including hardware, software, applications and system solutions

Technical support

Our company integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. It can provide comprehensive and complete infrared moisture meter technical support

Solution programme

We have nearly thirty years of moisture on-line inspection experience, a variety of detailed application plans and design drawings. We can also provide special customized services for your special applications

After-sale service

Our experienced engineers can give a full range of installation guidance and maintenance recommendations according to the site situation. All the spare parts can be delivered to the scene according to the shortest delivery cycle in our country, which will relieve you of your worries


You can ask questions or advice through infrared moisture meter forums, nine, such as the official public number or incoming mail, etc. we will reply in the first time


Display of infrared moisture meter


Contact us, speak out your needs
express your opinions and suggestions, and let us serve you better

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